According to the Alaska MLS, the average days on the Market for residential property in the Wasilla/Palmer core area is 64 days for 2017 (as of July 7). Days on the market reflects the amount of time of the listing of the property and when it is taken off of the market. This year's average is just a few days more than the prior year, but significantly lower than years past when the average was 83 days on the market for the Wasilla/Palmer area in 2011.

The Kevin Crozier Team can always look at and analyze days on market information for a specific property, neighborhood or price range to better assist our buyers and sellers in their real estate decisions.

The amount of Days on the Market can impact a seller’s ability to receive a reasonable offer in a reasonable amount of time, and for a buyer, it can be used as an offer strategy if a home has been on the market for a long period of time. Pricing a home correctly in the beginning is extremely important as it can impact the amount of days it sits on the Market.

The Kevin Crozier team would be more than happy to provide you with a free market analysis to help you determine the current market value of a home, commercial property or land. Get in touch with us at 907-376-7649 or email