Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? There are some important considerations to make before listing your home in order to get a solid offer and to get it sold quickly. Here are the top three things sellers should know: 

1) What is your home worth?
Many of us value home details and features differently, but there are industry practices and factors that go in to determining the selling price. You want to make sure your listing price will allow the home to sell in a timely manner but also meets your financial needs. The Kevin Crozier team provides a FREE Market Analysis of your home, if you are thinking about selling.

2) How will your listing agent sell your home?
It’s important to have a Realtor that has experience and truly knows the home selling process in the area you are selling. Has the realtor been able to clearly explain the home selling process to you, do they have a marketing plan for your home, do they communicate with you in a timely manner? These are all important considerations when deciding who to list your home with.

3) Negotiating skills 
Has your listing agent demonstrated that they have excellent negotiating skills and that they can effectively work to bring you a good offer on your home? Negotiating skills are an essential characteristic of a good listing agent, and having the experience and knowledge to create a successful real estate deal.

Our Team

The Kevin Crozier Team has more than 50 years of combined real estate experience and are one of the Top 5 Real Estate teams in the Mat-Su Valley. Our agency is the just the right size to provide you with excellent service and expertise to help you successfully sell your home. We also have a solely dedicated listing coordinator and closing coordinator to allow our Realtors to spend more time working with you on selling your home.

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